Prakash Raj ? The New Facebook Millionaire!

By - December 04, 2013 - 06:55 AM IST

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It is quite common for heroes and heroines to have hundreds of thousands of followers on Social media (especially Facebook and Twitter). But can a supporting actor generate the same hype and have so many followers? Not a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand but one million followers! The one actor who is credited to have achieved this rare feat is Prakash Raj.

Yes, Prakash Raj was able to attract one million followers on Facebook. 
After this stupendous response, he shared his happiness on FB by posting, “Hiiiii. Reached a million likes thank you allllll for this.... So happy that I can keep in touch n communicate through this FB platform. Let’s continue rocking. All your reactions keep me grounded. Love this journey...” 

Prakash Raj is currently directing the film “Ulavacharu Biryani” which has reached its final stages of filming.