By - December 04, 2013 - 12:27 PM IST

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MAHESH BABU and PAWAN KALAN are two big superstars of South India. They are the most sought-after brand names too! They rule the cash registers and command the trade markets.

Apart from this, they both are serene and simple beings in spite of their glitzy stardom. Above all, we know they are good friends both professionally and personally. Not just friends, their horoscopes, we mean, ‘jathakas’ are more or less the same! Why ask us, a small analysis of their careers will reason this statement. Check this out -

7th Film: HIT
Seventh movie for the actors (Kushi and Okkadu) was the biggest breakthrough in their respective careers.

10th Film: AVERAGE
Pawan Kalyan scored a moderate with his tenth film, Balu ABCDEFG
Even, Mahesh’s 10th film, Arjun was a moderate at box-office.

But 14th Film…
Unfortunately the 14th film for both, Puli and Athidhi were duds which seemed like; “they were just made to downgrade the actor’s popularity.”

And now 20th Film…
Gabbar Singh-2 is the 20th film for PawanKalyan and Aagadu will be the 20th film for Mahesh Babu. On top of it, both are donning ‘police officer’ characters in their respective films. And we know, they already a bumperhit as cops! Both PawanKalyan and Mahesh Babu, who have come from the families of good filmy- background, are the only two competitors for Tollywood’s No.1 position.Without any reckon, both the actors have the capability of checkmating each other with their films and towering popularity.

But PawanKalyan had Thammudu (a superhit) while Mahesh Babu got Takkari Donga (a disappointer) as their 5th films. So, this means PawanKalyan has got an upper hand? Or will Mahesh Babu leave this in his 20th film?

Come on fan folks, we just proposed a factual analysis which does not guarantee the future. So let’s better wait and see!