iQlikmovies efforts acknowledged by Media?

By - December 05, 2013 - 05:00 PM IST

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They say “Where there is a will…there is a Way”

In the same lines, where there was a strong will to make a good short film…there was iQlikmovies to support the will and the attempt.

One such attempt is winning accolades from all walks of media. More recently, it’s ace news daily SAKSHI which acknowledged the efforts of iQlikmovies. One of its productions “Pawan Kalyan Premalo Paddadu” being a heartthrob on net, the news daily appreciates the entertaining effort, the production standards of iQlikmovies and the initiative of iQlikmovies to support short films and short filmmakers. It is great pleasure to have our critics and analysts happy about the standard bar being maintained by iQlik.

“Any talented maker and worthy script won the hand of iQlikmovies and this will continue!” said Krishna Kallakuri, Founder & CEO of iQlikmovies.com.

iQlikmovies is happy to have made NEWS in this way too and extends its heartfelt thanks to every tap on its back!