Second Hand Censor Report

By - December 10, 2013 - 11:32 AM IST

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Second Hand Movie is almost ready to have its first outing!

Second Hand’ – the name itself gives us a literal impression of it but the movie is a “Second hand movie made on first hand” say the makers. And the with the censor board giving a clean ‘U/A’, they are full-to happy!

The movie has a fresh casting of Dhaanya BalaKrishna as the heroine and Sudheer Varma, Kireeti, Sri Vishnu, Anooj et al. Writer cum director Posani Krishna Murali being seen in a special role is an added asset to the film. S. Poorna Naidu, co-producer B.V.S. Ravi and debutante director Kishore Tirumala are quite confident over the film.

Hope this Second hand gives a first-hand refreshing experience!