Swetha Basu and Hamsanandini busted in sting operation?

By - December 14, 2013 - 11:54 AM IST

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“All that glitters is not gold” is an old saying and our showbiz world is no exception! When there is day, there is always night too and that is in where, “Sting operations” have born. Tehelka might have popularized this term in India but one such sting operation by 6TV, a new television channel is likely going to buy troubles for our Tollywood glam dolls.

Going into the story, our insider birdies tell us that the new channel carried an intense sting operation and is gearing up to publish 10 hidden stories in which some hush-hush facts about item girl Hamsanandini [‘Anumanaspadam’ fame] and many other big names of Tollywood will be disclosed in this month every alternate week. A story about Kotha Bangarulokam fame Swetha Basu Prasad has already been aired on the channel last week.

Generally budding channels mostly carry out such operations obviously for getting a foot hold in the business but in the lesser interest of the public. Well, does this channel we are talking about fall under the same category? We hear some big names but who all are coming out and what stories will be coming out?

Well don’t worry, iQlik hai na! We will keep you updated. Untill then..Ushh…gupchup!!