Why Sukumar chose Kriti Sanon for 1?

By - December 20, 2013 - 06:47 PM IST

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Definitely she is gorgeous!

Definitely she is a new face!

Definitely she should match the charm of the Superstar!

But there is something much beyond this for KritiSanon to be selected for this movie. A creative head like Sukumar doesn’t pick people for no reason. And this time, it is definitely not just beauty, charm or whatever you are imagining (winks).

It is just because she secured 89% in her engineering. Can’t believe?? Well then we have to tell you what is the insider birdies leaked us. When there was a heroine audition for 1-Nenokkadine, as usually several world-class models would give it a try. Why not! It’s a Mahesh Babu’s film. And one such audition was from KritiSanon. When Sukumar was interviewing her, he asked about her academic background. And when she said it as engineering, he asked about her percentage in engineering. And to Sukumar’s surprise, it was an impressive 89%! Immediately he said a nod to KritiSanon.

But we didn’t get you dear Sukumar sir! What it is to do with her percentage and casting her? Well if this is the truth, we really wonder what impresses creative heads! May be the story demands this…we’ll have to wait and watch!