Anjali v/s Trisha

By - December 24, 2013 - 03:40 PM IST

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This is a dog-eat-dog world out in this glitzy world and by hook or crook you must do something to be in the business. And you can’t simply give up half way through!

Heroines Anjali and Trisha are believed to be in the same position. Well, the ‘V/S’ between the divas is not personally but professionally though. You know, comedian Srinivas Reddy is turning a hero with a plumy project to be produced by PVP Cinemas which is in quest of a big heroine for the film. Our sources say that, they initially approached Trisha offering her a decent deal [given her current scenario]. And even Anjali was also considered for the film but for reasons better known to the makers, chances seem to be bright for Trisha! And if our sources are to be believed, if Trisha nods for the offer, Anjali might be subsided.

However, with two big damsels vying for the offer, Srinivas Reddy has become a hero even before the movie release! Well either of them adds glamour and value to the film. So, good luck Srinivas Reddy!