The secret behind steps and fights

By - December 25, 2013 - 10:52 AM IST

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When we see Jr.NTR dance for “Assalam Malekum” and “Apsara Ninnu chusi heart beat” we are flabbergasted. When Jr.NTR dances by standing on knees and dance at rocket speed, even the viewer watching in theatre feel like dancing for it.

As audience we even feel how Jr.NTR could do these difficult steps so easily. But in reality, it is not easy at all. There is so much hard work, tricks involved behind the dance steps.  Just for attaining few seconds of runtime of it, the film’s team work hard for hours and days altogether! The sole proof for this fact is the photos below:

For a Jr.NTR film, electrifying dances are mandatory. If not, the fans would be terribly hurt. Jr.NTR who knows this fact very well, shows special attention on the dances. Before the commencement of song filming, Jr.NTR works on rehearsals one week prior to it.

Jr.NTR learns all the tough steps in the rehearsal stage itself. There were many instances when he got hurt during the dance rehearsals. Unless lot of struggle and hard work happens, a breathtaking dance sequence cannot be captured. But for the toughest steps like the one involving the standing on knees, there are definitely some tricks involved. If you observe in this picture, there is a dancer behind Jr.NTR wrapped in blue cloth. His movements are not clearly visible on screen. His only duty is to balance Jr.NTR in dancing. It is very hard for a dancer to balance himself by standing on knees for a long time. In order to do that, support is inevitable. As this song is filmed on Blue coloring, the person behind the graphics is not clearly visible on screen.

The same applies for fights! If many people are getting blown away in the air for a single punch of the hero, the strength doesn’t lie in the hero. It has wire work involved too. Everybody knows the fact that wire work is present for fights but do not know exactly how it happens. That is why iQlikMovies makes an attempt to bring that exclusive information to you. This is not intended to demean or take the hard work of film makers on a lighter vein. We are only making an honest attempt to bring the value of hard work and dedication involved behind making of such difficult tasks. Shall we take a moment to say “Hats off!” and appreciate the hard work of Jr.NTR along with all other actors who work relentlessly to entertain us?

Qlik here to check out the wire work images of Jr NTR from Adhurs.