Tamannah to become an art heroine?

By - December 28, 2013 - 11:17 AM IST

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In this hero-dominating era, making a hefty mark on Film Industry is not an easy task. But a director made it big with his unique style of making; owing to which he earned his recognition and trademark, which later became his stereotype. He is none other than Bala Pazhanisaamy who shot to fame with Shiva Pathrudu in Telugu.

Since 1999, director Bala has been a perfectionist in showcasing his scripts on-screen. Starting from Sethu (1999) to Paradesi (2013), his epic storytelling and acrimonious episodes received good accolades from the movie-buffs. It is evident to any filmy person that this odd film-maker never encourages glamour roles in his movies. But, a source close to Bala says us, “Milky White Beauty Tamannah Bhatia is being considered for a female lead role in Bala’s upcoming Kollywood film, which will begin shooting soon.”

Agreeing this project, the Sagittarius lady who had mesmerized us with her glamorous roles has sent a strong message to her contemporaries that she is standing in a queue to redefine her career.