2013 is a golden year of my life : Geetha Madhuri

By - December 31, 2013 - 03:00 PM IST

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Geetha Madhuri, well-known singer of tinsel town says that 2013 is a milestone year for her.  We know the nightingale of TFI has recently got engaged to film actor Ananda Krishna Nandu, who shot to fame with 100% Love.  

The singer, who is getting married on 9th February 2014, is very busy with her marriage shopping when we caught hols of her. Speaking to iQlikMovies, Geetha Madhuri said, “Firstly, I wish a very Happy New year to everyone and I thank all my followers and supporters for encouraging me since my birth as a singer. 2013 has been such a big year for me. I'm looking foward to 2014 also. Excited!!.” She added, “Our engagement has just been a family event but I will have my entire film family at my wedding. The date is fast approaching and still lot to shop. Ufff!”

Okies Geetha, we are not holding you for a long time. Thanking such talented singer and bubbly individual for sharing a word with us. we along with her fans wish her a Happy and great year ahead.