Uday Kiran death: Suicide or forced suicide?

By - January 06, 2014 - 07:33 PM IST

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“Uday Kiran commits suicide” is the news in air from the wee hours of this morning. But, there are several unanswered questions that increase the suspicion over his death.

Is this is an intentional suicide or “forced suicide” or “murder”?

Though there are no strong signs or evidences of a murder but the following facts and questions do put us in a dissonance:

-> Uday Kiran is reported to have committed suicide not with a rope but instead an iron chain. Committing suicide with an iron chain is not an easy task but requires lot of guts to commit. So, did someone threaten him to death that forced him to commit suicide so brutally?

-> His wife Vishita who is said to have been striving to pull him out of depression has left to a birthday party leaving him alone on the night of suicide. And even after his death, she has neither come to make any public statement upon this nor approached the police to clarify or complaint.

-> Dr. Poornima Nagaraj, the aunt and personal counselor of Uday Kiran who has been counseling and guiding Uday Kiran so far has also not come out yet, adding her to the scanner.

-> “Bhupal”, the person who Uday Kiran is reported to have called before his suicide attempt is believed to be not a good friend of Uday but indeed just a professional contact. Generally, people tend to call close and tight friends before such suicidal acts but in this case making a final call to a person like Bhupal is also increasing suspicion.

-> Uday Kiran has suspended all his domestic help like milkmaid, housemaid and driver from the past couple of months. This pretty much indicates the financial crisis he might be undergoing.

-> They say some strong external forces have been strongly causing roadblocks to all his professional moves even recently. His films were denied theatres and few films like Dil Kabaddi, Ee Peddollunnare were aborted mid-way.

-> It is strongly rumored that Jenda Pai Kapiraju is the movie which was to be initially signed by Uday Kiran. And also a recent project by Gautam Menon was also pressurized to subside for the sake of a big hero! All these are adding fuel to the flame.

-> Above all, Uday Kiran has been repeatedly expressing his disinterest and disgust over life uttering “Naaku bathakalaniledu” from a couple of months.

What are the hidden stories behind his suicide? Is it a suicide or “forced suicide”? Why is his wife and family under covers yet?

Well, time should answer these…