Why is Chiranjeevi blamed for Uday Kiran's death?

By - January 08, 2014 - 05:42 PM IST

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Uday Kiran’s unfortunate demise has evoked a great uproar in TFI. There were statements, comments, petitions against the so called “big families” of Tollywood. There are heated discussions and debates happening on various forums including social networking sites upon the causative elements behind his suicide.

The most popular argument is that “Chiranjeevi compound has sabotaged his filmy career as a part of avenging the spoilt engagement of Chiranjeevi’s daughter in the past.”

The engagement was broken in the year 2003 due to several reasons but scientifically, his downfall started with Sreeram which was made in 2002 it self! On a keen observation, Uday Kiran got big offers like Nee Sneham, Neeku Nenu Naku Nuvvu [a film with Rebelstar Krishnam Raju], Poi [Abaddham in Telugu, a film directed by legendary director Balachander] even after the engagement episode. But, all proved to be duds which eventually reduced his market and pushed the market potential of UdayKiran to a toss! Even his comeback with Viyyalavaari Kayyalu in 2007 after Tamil Poi (2006), which has stars like Sri Hari in the film also didn’t bring luck to him. This pretty much indicates that he had tough luck with regard to his professional career.

So, if he had to commit suicide owning to failures and oppression by some forces, he should have committed long back. So, there should be some other strong reason.

If his personal life is observed, it is one such pathetic background with a broken family. UdayKiran’s brother, a medico in Mangalore committed suicide long back while pursuing MBBS for unknown reasons. His sister resides in a far off land. His father re-married just few months after his mother’s death. And that is why; Uday is not in touch with his dad for almost 6-7 years for now.

Even the postmortem reports pronounce that he had scars on his arm and thigh which indicate that he had suicidal tendencies even earlier. On top of it, the latest investigation report is that, his ex-manager Munna to whom Uday raised an investment of Rs. 17 lakh for a film [a debt with Rs. 10 interest], has run away with the money. Apart from this, Vishita’s (wife of Uday Kiran) answering in investigation is suspicious. And the other day, a new name called ‘Sarath’ has popped up! Even their relationship is also under scanner. However, with such a weak family support, financial pressures and moreover no film chances, how can anyone tackle the situation!

So technically, his family had a great role on the evolution of his career. However, in this case there are still unanswered questions and there is a huge gap between truth and what is assumed to be the truth. Well, an unbiased investigation should reduce this gap!

Controversies aside, everyone’s love and prayers are with Uday Kiran! May his soul rest in peace.