Happy Birthday Sukumar!

By - January 11, 2014 - 12:55 PM IST

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Director Sukumar, (Born as Sukumar Bandreddi) is turning a year old celebrating his 40th birthday today. From being a mathematics lecturer in Kakinada to emerging as one of the most sought after filmmaker in Telugu Film Industry, Sukumar has come a very long way indeed.

In his career spanning over 10+ years, he has directed just five films but all those proved to exhilarating ones like Arya, Jagadam, Arya 2, 100% Love and 1-Nenokkadine. Slowly but steadily, Sukumar has perched up into the list of Top Telugu directors for his directorial caliber. He has registered a brand name for unconventional story-telling and top-notch screenplay (And of course, his colorful item numbers too!)

Unlike routine, he has given fans a gift in the name of ‘1-Nonokkadine’. He still has got many to wait for. Having got a solid foothold in Telugu Film Industry, his ride ahead is worth the wait and the watch.

On the eve of his birthday, iQlikMovies wishes Sukumar a Happy Birthday and long life!