iQlik chat with '1' girl Kriti Sanon

By - January 13, 2014 - 01:45 PM IST

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“Aww Tuzo Mogh Korta” apparently means “I Love You” in Konkani [Hanv Tzo Mog Kartha!]

Though Chandrabose penned these lines for 1-Nenokkadine, ‘Miss Gorgeous’ Kriti has taught the Telugu youth to go naughty about proposing someone!

Well, we have to say not just our zesty youth but from a tot to a senior citizen, everyone is saying “Aww Tuzo Mogh Korta” to her - Her glamor and performance in the film won this for her!

On this note, her are few excerpts from our chat with this Delhi girl:

Hai Kriti…our best wishes on your debut success. Well how did you get into 1-Nenokkadine?
Namaskaram! (Smiles) Thank you very much. Well, I'm an engineering graduate from Noida. But modeling has been by biggest interest. So, I was working towards it and as a part of it, I came to Hyderabad for 1 auditions. Director Sukumar spoke to me and I was immediately picked for the role.

How was the experience working with superstar Mahesh Babu?
I'm extremely happy to have worked with him. He is a sincere and dedicated artist and I learnt a lot from him. He was very warm with me even off screen and treated me like a family friend.

What was the best compliment you got for your debut performance?
(Smiles) Perhaps the best compliment I got from everywhere was that I didn't look like a debutant at all in the film. I’m so happy about this! The entire credit goes to director Sukumar for counting on a new girl like me for such a meaty role, that too in a Superstar’s film. Feeling so lucky to have got such an opportunity!

Which were the most challenging scenes for you to act?
Undoubtedly, the Goa action sequence where I was hanging onto a parachute, while the hero tries to rescue me… It was actually shot for five consecutive days and I was literally hung in the mid-air on that parachute. The aerial shots filming demanded me to be so throughout the day and my thighs used to pain a lot. But, all our efforts paid off. The sequence came out really well.

How was your association with director Sukumar?
Sukumar Sir is one such amazing person I have ever met. Right from his thinking to the support he offers to his actors…he is truly amazing! Once when I went unconscious during the Goa action scene, Sukumar Sir immediately got me back onto the ground and enquired whether I was alright, stalled the shooting and then continued shoot when I was ready. He and the entire team took such good care of me. With a star like Mahesh besides, I think it’s a rare privilege and care any new girl can get.

What were the other best aspects of the film according to you?
Ratnavelu sir's cinematography is top notch! It’s incredible that a person who worked for a big film like Robo worked for our film. And what can I say, DSP's music was fantastic and I don't remember how many times I've heard the album! It’s the first thing on my playlist now!

Did your family watch the film? What was their response?
(Smiles) Oh… Ya…I watched the movie with my mom, father and my younger sister. Though they didn't know the language, they thoroughly enjoyed my performance. I shared all my filming experiences with my sister.

The film faced some controversy with the ‘Aww Tuzo Mogh Korta’ poster before the release. What's your take on it?
Well... Initialy I was not aware of that. But, later when I was informed of that, I felt it was unfortunate. Well, it is a part of a lovely song that takes the story forward. I hope they'll understand once they see the movie.

Well…Would you act in bold scenes?
Hmm…It would depend on the story and what it demands! I wouldn't mind acting in bold scenes but within my own limitations.

Any upcoming projects…?
I've been getting many offers in Tollywood but I'm yet to confirm any of them. I will definitely let you know once I confirm a project! I've been keen to work in Bollywood as well because it’s my mother tongue but I will give my best whatever the language is. And Telugu will always be my best preference any time.

Anything you would like to tell the Telugu audience?
Well…I'd like to thank media, audience and everyone for supporting me. I'm overwhelmed by the warmth and feedback I got here! I thank the almighty, Mahesh Babu Sir, Sukumar Sir, the entire team of ‘1’ and last but not the least all Superstar Mahesh Babu fans along with Telugu audience for supporting me.