Will Rajamouli change for his motherland?

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Well cinema and controversies are like Nagarjuna in the movie ‘Hello Brother’

And especially big fat films are easily prone to these controversies. Somehow in the recent past, any big player movie had to be trapped in one or the other controversy in its entire timeline. It has been a sheer wonder if a movie did pass without a single controversy.

And Rajamouli is known for his magnum opus films. Magadheera has already faced the heat when a lyricist filed a case against the makers for allegedly using his lyrics “Em pilladu eldamostava…” in one of the songs (“Jorsey Jorsey…”) in the movie. The issue turned quite robust enough into a controversy which later diluted due to obvious reasons. Nevertheless, the controversy did not affect the movie’s success in any manner.

Even now his Bahubali is under the scanner right from the day of its inception. ‘Mr. Jakkanna’ might have absolutely ignored the fact that he is acting under hawk eyes! Even a burglar can break open a museum even under the security camera’s surveillance but not directors in this industry. Well with regard to Bahubali, he had to face the first brickbat when a Jain mutt in Karnataka alleged that the recently released movie making video carries extensive violence and such a violent film is made under the name of ‘Bahubali’, a much worshipped Jain saint, a symbol of peace. The world famous Bahubali statue, popularly known as ‘Gomateswara’ in Sravanabelagola has been a special reference in this case. The concerned Jain mutt is also proceeding legally on this and even wishes to seek the help of the government of Karnataka in making their concerns heard aloud.

While the makers of Bahubali have already condemned the allegations, director Rajamouli recently tweeted:

“we haven’t received any notice from anyone regarding #Baahubali. As told before, our story has got nothing to do with Gomateshwara.”

This should probably answer their concerns but being born and brought up in Raichur (Karnataka) and parts of Karnataka; do the sentiments of his motherland really bother Rajamouli? Will he change the title owing to these sentiments and concerns? Let’s wait and see…

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