1-Nenokkadine director Sukumar interview

By - January 21, 2014 - 05:37 PM IST

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Telugu Cinema is not devoid of unique films anymore - Thanks to a director like Sukumar. His films are intelligently and logically made, blended convincingly with commercial elements as well. He is a gutsy director who never falters to try out new subjects even with star heroes.  A strong believer in sincere story telling, Sukumar decided to make a film like ‘1-Nenokkadine’ when he got chance to work with Mahesh Babu, instead of a regular love story or a family drama.

Here is a chit chat with the director:

Hello Sukumar. Firstly congratulations, your 1-Nenokkadine being appreciated all over.
(Smiles) Thank you very much.

So, do you believe it is a commercial success?
Well, at least I think so, given the response I’m getting every day from all over.

But, what is your answer to comments like “this is a big experiment with a star like Mahesh Babu”?
(Smiles) Right from the moment I incepted this line, I never saw this film as an experiment. I still believe it is a good commercial film with a good mix of all emotions.

What is your comment on the divided talk for 1-Nenokkadine?
I would welcome the talk. I think my only flaw was I didn’t prepare the audience beforehand like how Rajamouli Sir did for Eega. He revealed the story much before its release thus the audiences weren’t confused to watch it. But we couldn’t. Other than that, I am totally delighted with the public response and most importantly, the support Mahesh gave me throughout. Even before the result of the film, he gave me a word that he would do another film with me.

Why do you take risks with new concepts and ideas in your films?
It must be my innocence. I never think storytelling is a risk- no matter what subject it deals with.

Will you adapt to a different style after 1-Nenokkadine result?
I was actually at cross roads after 1. But when a star like Jr NTR appreciated ‘1’ and asked me to follow my instinct even with his film also, my spirits rose. Along with him I can never forget the support from film personalities Rajamouli, Puri Jagannadh, Ram Gopal Varma, Hero Ram, Manoj and Surender Reddy. I’m grateful to the entire industry.

How did you feel about the IMDB ranking given for One?
(Laughs...)I’m really delighted about it. I’m happy that the world came to know the potential of our Telugu film. And I’m extremely happy that it is ‘1’.

The film was trimmed after it got released. Was it thenegative talk effect?
It was done just to level down the amount of pressure upon our audience, given the kind of intense film 1 is. And it was done only in AP, not outside A.P and overseas.

How was the response for Nenokkadine abroad?
It has been tremendously satisfactory.
How did you find Gautham's performance in the film?
Honestly I never thought Gautham can perform so well and with such ease in his debut. It is really difficult for a kid to express such subtle emotions yet be so intense. But Gautham did it incredibly well.
About your film with NTR…
It is currently in story discussions. The movie would go on to sets in the month of May.
Okay...We wish you all the best for this year!
Thank you!