ANR Award recipients missing!

By - January 28, 2014 - 07:07 PM IST

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Remember Auto Johnny?

Well... he was the one who often irritated our Tollywood cine pundit with his unnecessary questions [sometimes senseless but often sensible]. It has been long time seeing him. One day, he raised some baseless doubts stars like Bala Krishna, Pawan Kalyan and the fans have mercilessly thrashed him. What to do – he can’t keep doubts! Well now he is back after a while and something is definitely fishy!

Cine Pundit: Hai Johnny! Haven’t seen you for a while, where have you been man?
Auto Johnny: Err…hmmm…ya I have to gone to West Indies to see cricket matches!

CP: They are done long time back man. Even they are touring abroad. Tell me the truth.
AJ: Oops! I have gone there for them and they went off somewhere else! By the way our evergreen hero ANR died recently. I and my family felt very bad that day. Me and my father are hardcore fans saar.

CP: Yes…the entire Indian film industry is mourning his death and still hasn’t revoked from the news. Ya…even I and my family are great fans of his. Now, wondering who would announce the ANR Award this year!
AJ: Arrey…kyaanna… ANR is only not there.  You are talking about ANR Award. Acha… who got the award this year?

CP: It was not announced yet. It is a much esteemed award given to prominent film personalities for their lifetime contributions to cinema.Last year it was conferred to director Shyam Benegal and previously lot of other eminent film personalities like Hemamalini, K. Bala Chander, Late Vyjayanthi mala, Lata Mangeshkar, Late Anjali Devi, Shabana Azmi starting from awarding Late Bollywood actor DevAnand in 2006.
AJ: Oh… but did any of them come when our hero ANR died?

CP: Unfortunately NO Johnny. They just came, took the award, enjoyed the felicitation and went away. Out of them Vyjayanthimala, Anjali Devi and Dev Anand have demised long back. While the rest of them except K. Bala Chander didn’t even pass a condolence message. Though they are supposed to pay a last visit, not even a public condolence message through Facebook or Twitter or anywhere. Among them ironically, Hema Malini, Shabana Azmi and Shyam Benegal hail from South India [Hema Malini from Tamil Nadu, Shabana and Shyam Benegal from Secunderabad]. This is really saddening and extremely disappointing from dignitaries like them. It becomes their minimum responsibility to at least pay a courtesy visit for having received an award on his name. This is equivalent to disrespecting the award and the legendary ANR.

AJ: That is really sad bhai. But, they might have called them up personally and paid condolence no?
CP: No wonder you get beaten up all the time. Get lost!!!