Chandamama Kathalu unique promotion

By - January 29, 2014 - 06:54 PM IST

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Chandamama Kathalu” – ah! How long it has been listening to a pure Telugu title that can take us back to the olden golden days of our nannies telling tales about a king, castle, princess etc. Well, this film has certainly driven us nostalgic right with its title but on that note, don’t assume it to be some period film about some Vikram-Betal stories.

Chandamama Kathalu is all about 8 threads/plots/stories, interwoven and intercut, taking you on a journey through Poverty, Deception, Glamour, Greed, Affluence, Conjugality, Hope and Bard........., travelling from the slums to the affluent hills, from adolescence to retirement and from ignorance to arrogance in contemporary Hyderabad, according to the maker of the film Preveen Sattaru (the director of LBW and Routine Love Story). The description might be long but the story would be “short and sweet”, adds Praveen.

In today’s Telugu cinema where we hardly see any promotional activities of even big player films, the makers have come with some really innovative and comprehensive promotional ideas in their kits. And especially, our filmy stool pigeon spills the beans that the makers have an extensive 60 day promotional plan for the film with some innovative audio release unlike the conventional releases – sounds interesting!

As we can see, good days have come for Telugu cinema! Educated and passionate filmmakers have taken charge. We can now look up to some directors and watch out for some standards in our films. And Praveen Sattaru is definitely one among those promising directors that our contemporary Telugu cinema adorns!

So, tell us more tales – we love listening to you!!!