C is Akkineni Akhil's first love!

By - January 30, 2014 - 07:02 AM IST

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Yes…Akhil is suave and smart enough for any girl to swoon about.

Well, let us confirm you that ‘C’ is not any ‘She’ to rumor about. When quizzed about the same, Akhil stated clearly that his first love will always remain to be Cinema [‘C’] but not Cricket [‘C’]. He just likes playing cricket and it is why, he participates in every match but otherwise, Cinema will be his first preference anytime, according to the starlet.

This Akkineni hero who is yet to make a debut is touted to step in this year. But, on the contrary, he is making news for the wrong domain [Cricket] and that is when, he offered a clarification. But wherever he is...he is a winner and definitely a news maker.