Heart Attack Movie Live Updates

By - January 31, 2014 - 06:32 AM IST

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iQlikMovies.com brings you the live updates of Nitin Reddy and Adah Sharma starrer Heart Attack. Our special correspondent is watching the special show of the movie in United States.  Please follow this space to catch them live @10:30PM EST or 9:00AM IST....

-> Movie started...Titles rolling.

-> Villain enters...

-> Hero Nitin stylish entrance in cowboy getup.

-> Typical Puri Jagannath style of characterization.

-> Heroine Adah Sharma intro.

-> An interesting scene here (watch it on screens).

-> Variety fight but it is very good.

-> 'Arey Mama..' song starts..

-> And Hero sees heroine.

-> Breezy and slow motion BGM - Well composed by Anoop

-> Hero-Heroine interaction in Puri's style.

-> Now comes Crazy Star Brahmanandam -Whistles all over.

-> Brahmanandam as 'Ramana Swamy'.

-> SVSC fame Shreya enters as heroine's friend sister.

-> Brahmi hates love stories.

-> "Nuvvante Chaala.." song starts with an interesting scene between hero and heroine.

-> Actor Ajay enters as Amu.

-> Fight sequence followed by a song.

-> "Soopinchande.." song going on..

-> A variety scene designed between hero, heroine and her friend.

-> Brahmi scene is very hilarious.

-> God comedy track between Brahmi, heroine and her friend.

-> Puri is surprising with every scene.

-> Emotional scene between hero and heroine.

-> 'Selavanuko...' song going on.. (Good action by Adah Sharma)

-> A slick action episode here.

-> An absolute different presentation of a romantic scene.

-> INTERMISSION (Nice twist in pre-interval scene).

-> New character named Chitrangda enters.

-> 'Vasthava..' song is going on..

-> "Devuda Piracy Cheyadam Nerchukunnav Anamata" - dialogue by Nitin.

-> Hero on a mission to find heroine.

-> Story shifting from Spain to India. Hero is still in search of heroine.

-> "Neekosame song.." (super visuals)

-> Comedian Ali enters in a different way.

-> Ali in an interesting getup and different slang.

-> Gripping scene..Tension building scene..

-> Nice editingand screenplay

-> Tension continues and "Chaala Aalasyamga Vachav..." dialogue.

-> "Endukila..." song going on..

-> Very dramatic song and it is intensifying the story.

-> Impressive acting by Adah Sharma.

-> Conflict builds up.

-> Hero and Villain face each other.

-> Interesting suspence around Ajay's charcter (Watch out on screens).

-> The second half revolves aroung heroine father.

-> Prakash Raj entrance - a surprise one....How and Why? -->Check out on screens

-> Hero sets on a mission again...Interesting twist.

-> And a high voltage fight is here.

-> Nice VFX at the end.

-> A final comedy touch at the end.

-> Movie ends.