That is how Puri did Badri!

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Directors need not be just creative or innovative but must be witty enough too. They should use the opportunities coming their way or sometimes even create opportunities. Here is one such story and this isn’t just a story (that we tell you) but indeed a fact (that the director told himself).

Badri – we know what sort of a blockbuster it is! Puri who is just one film old by then, wished to narrate ‘Badri’ story to Powerstar Pawan Kalyan (who was on a hit streak with successive hits). During the course of it, he met cinematographer Chota K Naidu and expressed his wish to narrate a story to Pawan Kalyan. The ace cinematographer (just to check out the pulp of the enthusiastic Puri) asked to narrate him the story and if he liked it, he assured to introduce him to Pawan Kalyan. That is in when, Puri fell into a dilemma.

‘Badri’ is a romantic tale of a man in love with two women at a time. So, Puri somehow felt Chota might not like this. ‘What if he doesn’t like it and what if he doesn’t introduce him to Pawan?!’All such fears crept in. Suddenly an idea popped up (an idea that really changed his life!) to Puri. He narrated the story of ‘Itlu Sravani Subramaniam’ to Chota. Well, a feel good story with much essential ounces of suspense, sentiment and commercial entertainment. So Chota signaled ‘Green’. Bingo!

As promised earlier, he did introduce Jagan (Puri was called ‘Jagan’) to Pawan Kalyan believing him to narrate the same story. But, our smart Puri narrated ‘Badri’ line and surprisingly, even Pawan like it. Well, the rest is all history!

In a way, Puri followed the footsteps of his Guru [RGV] who also did something similar for his debut film Shiva, according to the industry.
Moral of the story: Sometimes, this is how opportunities are created and histories are made!

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