This time Brahmi promotes his son!

By - February 03, 2014 - 06:13 PM IST

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“This time” might catch your attention. But, that is a fact that needs to be paid a glance now. Ace comedian Brahmanandam doesn’t believe in recommendations. Real talent and worthy stuff needs no promotion is what he always believed in. So, he did not apparently actively take part in the promotion of his son’s previous films Pallakilo Pellikooturu (2004) and Vareva (2010).

But now, he seems to have grasped the trick of the trade! He has realized the importance of promoting our own work these days. So for his son Goutham’s upcoming romantic thriller ‘Basanthi’, Brahmanandam is personally taking after the media relation segment. Though he is not going high and mighty about his son, he is definitely leaving no stone unturned to promote his son and the film.

May his efforts pay off and may Goutham taste his debut success (at least now).

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