Mahesh to decide Puri's move

By - February 05, 2014 - 11:58 AM IST

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Looks like director Puri is at cross roads. And the confusion is about his next film. We know he is doing a film with Mahesh and the former has already got a nod from Mahesh. But on the flipside, Mahesh is getting busier day by day. With news sprouting up every other day about Mahesh’s next confirmed project, Puri seems to have given it a re-thought about his film.

Now, he is apparently thinking about doing a film with all new faces on a shoe-string budget before Mahesh finds space and time for his film. Well, the ball is now in Mahesh’ court. If Mahesh waves a green flag for his intermediate film (with new faces), it will be Puri’s next film or else, he’ll have to sit upon Mahesh’s film.

On the flipside, Mahesh is pretty much occupied with too many things on his table. So, how lucky will Puri be? Well, he is capable enough to make a movie even before Mahesh makes a decision!