Tolly Trendz: PONY STARS

By - February 06, 2014 - 07:52 PM IST

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Pony Star – any star hero who adorns/adorned a ‘Pony hair style’ is a ‘Pony Star’ for us.
Now let’s check who all flaunted this vogue hairstyle for us:

Present Tense:

Right now, Ram Charan and Nitin are currently sporting this pony tail. Nitin is seen with this hairstyle in his latest outing Heart Attack. The movie has been watched out for its unique styling right from the release of the posters. Now that the movie has bagged a hit talk, this pony tail has become the talk of the town. And Nitin looks enviable in this attire though.

While Cherry just loves being in-vogue with the in-things of the fashion world! And wonder how he does that in absolute style. He knows what’s best for him and picks up exactly that, which makes him a million bucks to watch! If you observe keenly, he is flaunting this new ‘pony’ style at various occasions in the recent past, including his latest movie opening today!

But if you think these are the only two to boast about their ponies, sorry...there are many in this list who tried this in the past.

Past tense:

Young Tiger NTR: How can anyone forget his first ever slick personality adorned with his rakish pony, especially in the song “Nachore…” – Absolute love!

Young Rebel star Prabhas: Though he didn’t carry this hairstyle in his films, his spunky pony as a part of his new ‘Bahubali’ look in the recent past was indeed an added charm to the Tollywood’s hunk.

Stylish Star Allu Arjun: He has ‘style’ etched in his name. So, how can he miss this chart? Well, his pony in the film ‘Badrinath’ was so elegant enough for the character and the film as well. Truly inspiring stuff from the Stylish star!

Energetic star Ram: When he is around, the atmosphere is so zesty. And no wonder he sets the celluloid ablaze with his performances. He is too trendy for his peers to catch up and this is quite evident when we recall that he sported pony for his film ‘Ganesh’ in 2009.

So, South Indian cinema is no more about lungis and moustaches even now – have a look here boss!