A.P has no Youth, only Boothu: Kota in Arambham

By - February 10, 2014 - 08:35 PM IST

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Senior and exemplary actor Kota Srinivas Rao speaks out his heart – simple, straight forward and dilse on Arambham The Show.

In the recently telecasted episode [09.02.14, Sunday], Kota Srinivas Rao spoke on many things - right from cinema to contemporary India. His words might lack a rosy presentation but does have a robust point to make. The clarity in his mind, the precision in his words and boldness in his presentation has definitely won him new fans.

To all of them who haven’t known much of this wonderful human being on a personal level, his views and notions, here are few excerpts from the show that evoked great response from the viewers [both Television and Online]:

According to him,
  • There is “no Youth but only Boothu”, not only in A.P but also in entire India.
  • Right now, unfortunately our native talented Telugu actors are being devoid of chances due to some unworthy “udathalupatte vaallu” [squirrel-catchers] who claim themselves to be actors [Well, who are they? Please find it online in You Tube]
  • Most of our current generation young directors can neither make a film like ‘Mayabazaar’ nor a family entertainer as they lack both stuff and experience.
  • And also, he was attacked by fans in Vijayawada railway station, abused based on caste and suffered a lot for almost a year because of that one film.

The show went on like pakka commercial entertainer catering to every section of audience with content and an ounce of controversy as well.

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