Basanti Audio Review

By - February 10, 2014 - 04:50 PM IST

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Basanthi is an upcoming Tollywood entertainer with Brahmanandam’s son Raja Gautham and Alisha Baig in the lead roles. The Music for the film is composed by Mani Sharma and Lyrics by Krishna Chaitanya. Here is an iQlik exclusive music review of the album:

Tirugubaatidhi: The album takes an energetic start with Tirugubaatidhi, an uplifting track with power packed orchestration.  The music is essentially is based on House genre, and the lyrics by Krishna Chaitanya are adding value to the composition.The interludes are woven with interesting progressions of Electric Guitars, Bass-work and String section.

Paripothunna: After an energetic beginning, the album takes a breezy turn towards an interesting melody Paripothunna sung by Pawan. While the vocals are melodious, the orchestration is paced up with great string section and guitars. Mani Sharma has definitely rediscovered his interpretation of melody!

Prathikshanam: Things take a turn towards a slow ballad with Prathikshanam comprising of recurring string portions and guitars. The slow ballad styled composition is interestingly blended with faded trance music as well, making it a fun hearing.

Spirit of Basanti: It is time for the theme track Spirit of Basanti to arrive next. This track is like the soul of the album with brilliant violin, flute and great bass work supporting it. Mani Sharma, an ace composer with respect to Re-recording and Theme Music does a wonder again.

Vellakura:The album comes to an end with an energetic solo Vellakura sung by Deepu.  The brilliant acoustic guitar acts like an undercurrent energy for the track along with great vocals by Deepu. It is fantastic to hear the audible Telugu lyrics that make absolute sense in a modern Telugu album.

Basanthi is a very good comeback album from Mani Sharma. But this album proves that he is just like the vast ocean where directors can churn out whatever they want according to their tastes. However, lack of serious mass appeal or the typical formula based Tollywood album style would leave general movie goers disappointed, wanting more.

Rating: 3/5