Srinu Vaitla's conventional formula

By - February 16, 2014 - 08:44 AM IST

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Srinu Vaitla is an ace director in the Telugu Film industry and undoubtedly a master at hilarious laugh riots. His films have everything that an average cine-goer could expect and enjoy. His finesse in creating new characters in each one of his films is something which one can’t help being a fan of his. Be it Rambabu (in Anandam) Gajala (Venky), Salman Raj (Dubai Seenu), Chari (Dhee), Jayasurya (King) etc. But, his creativity went to peaks with the ‘Padma Shri’ character played by Brahmanandam in the film Dookudu. His next creation was Padmanabha Simha (yet another laugh riot character played by Brahmanandam) in the film Baadshah.

But, on a keen observation even a kindergarten kid could identify a satiric comedy sequence in every film of his. Sometimes it’s upon some real life characters while most of the time it is upon Media or popular individuals in media. The ‘Salman Raj’ character played by M.S. Narayana is a satirical take on the behavior of certain individuals who claim to be ‘heroes’ in the industry. Secondly, the character of music composer ‘Jayasurya’ in the film King (played of Brahmanandam) is believed to be yet another sarcastic depiction of certain music composers in the industry. In Dookudu, the ‘Padma Shri’ was a hilarious brickbat upon certain characters in the industry obsessed with acting accompanied by the path breaking reality show concept. “Nagarjuna garu…eliminate them immediately” in fact became a chant word creeping into day-to-day conversations. And now again in Aagadu, Srinu Vaitla is touted to have come up with yet another parody sequence of a Big Boss type reality show and a satire on a popular anchor. The film is likely to have a significant comedy track with a hilarious satirical episode upon reality shows and some anchors.

Given this advancement, Srinu Vaitla is apparently relying more upon parodies to sell off his films. Though people enjoy his films, it would be sheer innocence if this formula is taken for granted. Even critics opine that if a comedy track could deliver a hit, Baadshah wouldn’t have been tagged as “Dookudu-2”. And if not today, a similar trend would turn out monotonous some or the other day. Conventional behavior shall lead to fading out and satires on media can buy you more criticism.

Innovation and betterment are the only two options that can come to his rescue now!


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