iQlik Special Chit-Chat with 'Colors' Swathi

By - February 22, 2014 - 01:20 PM IST

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‘Bubbliness’ is a common trait of girls but ‘Colors’ Swathi should be having the ‘patent’ [not just copyrights] for it. From ‘Colors’ television program to the 70mm colors, Swathi is a permanent brand ambassador of vivaciousness and a ‘sweet genuine smile’.

Many anchors come in and walk out, but Swathi turned a heroine and is still a heroine – a promising actor and a proud Telugu heroine. She doesn’t give a damn about ‘Count’ because it is ‘Quality’ that matters to her. Bangaru Kodi Petta is one such picky pick that is slated to release this 27th Feb. So here we are with Swathi tapping her funny side yet grabbing a sneak peak about her upcoming release…for you…

Hello Swathi…
[Smiles] Hai

You had a kicking start last year with Swami Ra Ra. So, what’s up for this year?
Yeah…Swami Ra Ra gave us an awesome ‘Kick’. Well, this year I have Bangaru Kodi Petta with Navdeep. It is one of my favorite releases this year that will come on this 27th.

What is Bangaru Kodipetta all about?
It is a nice and cute chirpy story revolving around one’s own ‘Bangaru Kodipetta’ [metaphorically compared to the driving element in life]. I play the role of a village belle by name ‘Bhanumati’ who is just 9th failed yet ambitious like hell. She migrates to the city to work at a mall and Navdeep is her colleague at work. So, what is our ‘Bangaru Kodipetta’ and how did we find out is all about the story. It has everything that our people can connect with. I’m sure they’ll enjoy Bangaru Kodi Petta.

About your hero Navdeep…
Hmmm Navdeep is a great co-star to have. A sweet guy actually a good guy too but he is unfortunately perceived the other way round. While the rest of the cine world is all the same, he has been a bit over exposed – his bad luck though! But having known him closely, he is a highly talented actor and a lovely guy to work with.

How was it working debutante producers?
Oh… it was great fun working with Sunitha [producer] and our director Raj. Yes they might be debutants but they know filmmaking and above all, they are good friends and awesome people to work with. I wouldn’t mind to work twice, thrice or even more with them [Smiles]
Yet another inevitable routine question - your upcoming projects?
[Laughs] Well, I too won’t give you the routine answer “Yes I’m listening to 5-6 scripts”. No, I haven’t heard any Telugu scripts yet. None has approached me in recent times. But, I’m working out some good projects in Tamil and Malayalam. The one with ‘Ananthapuram’ fame Jai is the next one to come very soon.

In this dog-eat-dog world, don’t you think you are lagging behind?
[Smiles] No…I don’t think so. Because I don’t think I am a random rat in this rat race. I’m walking myself finding my way here. So far, I have worked in an absolute comfort zone with my good friends and I continue being so even hereafter. Right now, I’m in a comfortable space and I’m enjoying working this way. I don’t even mind not being full-to busy because I’m not here for numbers.

Great professional career you had so far. What about your marriage? Fans are eager to know…
[Laughs] This…you need to ask my parents because I’m getting married to the guy of my parent’s choice. Let me tell you I haven’t been in Love so far and will not indulge in anything like that too – fingers crossed!

Well, you haven’t told us when even that arranged marriage is…
[Laughs] Suspense! ‘Coz even I don’t know yet [Winks]

Well… Hope we get news soon. Good luck ahead Swathi.
[Smiles] Sure. Thank You.