Birthday Boy Nani speaks about his work, wife and co-stars

By - February 24, 2014 - 04:19 PM IST

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“Nani” doesn’t it sound like a name next-door? Well, even the guy looks like one -- very sweet and affable. Yes…we are talking about Ghanta Naveen Kumar, popularly known as Nani.
Assistant Director> Radio Jockey > Hero> Producer

From an assistant director to a star hero, he has come a long way already. With three back-to-back releases, he has been the star of the season. His recent outing Aaha Kalyanam has become the talk of the town now. The vivacious actor is celebrating his birthday today. On this happy note, here is an exclusive chit-chat with Nani:
Happy Birthday Nani and welcome to the 30 club.
(Laughs) Thank you.

How’s the response for Aaha Kalyanam?
It’s been good. I hope the response gets better in the coming days.

Three films you have got simultaneously. Are you feeling special for this birthday?
Yeah absolutely! I didn’t quite expect this. There was always an estimate of about a six month gap between each of them. But you see, releases aren’t our calls, so feel I’m privileged and I treat this as a birthday special!

Aaha Kalyanam is a remake. How are you interested in remakes?
Frankly, I don’t like remakes. But when Yash Raj Films approached me to work on this, I actually proposed to go with a new story. But when I was given the CD and asked to watch the once, I somehow felt the role of Ranveer Singh would suit me much better after watching the film. That is how, I happened to land in Aaha Kalyanam. But, it has been a cakewalk for me as I could relate to the character pretty much.

Three films with three different characters being shot simultaneously, how did you find the transition?
Yes it was different characters, indeed contrasting too. But the shooting atmospheres made the difference. The characters and the corresponding environments helped me get into the characters easily – be it Prakash (in Paisa), Shakti (in Aaha Kalyanam) and Maya Kannan (in Janda Pai Kapiraju). The versatility in the characters and the directors’ help, the transition wasn’t too difficult.

How was it working with Yash Raj Films?
I am quite happy to work with a prestigious banner like YRF. It was a great learning curve working with them. I learnt a lot especially their discipline towards work and punctuality. I yearn to do more films with them in the coming future.

Do you think Jabardasth had any effect on Aaha Kalyanam?
You see… storylines can be similar but it is treatment that matters. Whoever entertains the audience for a period of two and half hours, that film will fare well. And in this regard, I feel Aaha Kalyanam is the forerunner.

Your comment on the touted relationship with your AK co star Vaani Kapoor?
[Smiles] First things first, I am married. Vaani Kapoor is a very good friend of my wife Anjana too and we hang out together quite often. The press meet incident has been unnecessarily tampered by the press. Vaani is a bubbly girl, a great friend and a wonderful co-star.

How does Anjana tackle these rumors? Isn’t she possessive?
[Smiles] She is always chilled about it. Usually, I always introduce all my co-stars to my wife. So, she has absolutely no issues. Moreover, she understands the ways of showbiz and film industry pretty well. But, I have to tell you she is possessive but not over-possessive. And I’m blessed.

About Janda Pai Kapiraju – your upcoming release?
It is a challenging one. I am glad to get such a role in the early stages of my career. I’m thankful to director Samudrakhani for counting in me. Anyhow, Tamil Cinema and filmmakers has to be appreciated for making subjects like these. I was lucky enough to do considerably well in Tamil so far. And I need the blessings of Telugu Audience as well.  Hope this film would work well in Telugu too.

Your upcoming Projects?
I’ve been constantly filming right from the day two after my wedding. I want to take a break now. I’ve been hearing scripts off late. The script work for the film which I acquired the rights is on. I will be the producer but not sure whether I’d act in the hero role.  Would let you know once something materializes.

Happy Birthday once again…All the best for your future endeavors!
Thank you very much [Smiles]

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