Five Super hit Onscreen Politicians

By - February 26, 2014 - 07:41 AM IST

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Though Movies and politics are an odd mix, it’s all right for a movie to have a political content and swank all kinds of political leaders [from detestable to admirable]. Whether fighting for people or saving them from anti-social elements, these fictional leaders/characters give us something to believe in [just because of their reel presence].

As general elections are fast approaching, our real political leaders are gearing up to work like charms. And with bats in belfry,we present you the five iconic politicians [Post 1990] who swept us off our feet. Though we might find such leaders in reality, they are always our dream leaders. Check out who they are -

Mohan Babu (Assembly Rowdy – 1991) –
The film that shot Collection King Mohan Babu to new horizons of stardom was one of the earliest political dramas which took audience by surprise in 90s’. Mohan Babu played the role of ‘Shivaji’, a happy-go-lucky man who goes behind the bars due to some local goons. Shivaji contests state Assembly elections from jail and turns a triumphant. The film culminates with the death of perpetrator who was responsible for Shivaji’s detention.

And who can forget that famous dialogue?

Aristhe Charustha..Charisthe Karustha…Karisthe…”

Chiranjeevi (MutaMestri -1993) –
This movie is a Chiranjeevi show all the way. A labor leader Bose(Chiranjeevi) strives against political odds for the sake of his market men and takes head on with Aatma (Sharat Saxena), who actually tries to grab the market land with the help of government. Gritty Bosemakes a successful political entry turns in-charge of a division of commandos and wipes out Aatma's illegal operations.

Chiru’s performance was highly acclaimed both as a coolie and as a politician. Megastar has won Filmfare award for Best Telugu actor.

Arjun Sarja (Oke Okkadu – 1999) –
Directed by the maverick Shankar, the film Oke Okkadu is one of the best political genres ever made in Indian cinema.  In the film, ‘Purushottam’ (Arjun) is a noble-cameraman and journalist,who captures the non-social activities actually leveraged by CM (Raghu Varun). In a high-voltage interview,the statesman challenges Purushottam to lead the govt. for one day as CM with no faux pas. Rest is all about how a single-day CM Purushottam forms his government and tackles the illegitimate activities of the corrupt CM.

The film with a love angle, a bit of sentiment and plenty of politics portray Arjun as the perfect leader, the kind of character that adds to the aura of any hero. 

Sai Kumar (Prasthanam – 2010) – 
Be it with his voice or be it with his act, the herculean Sai Kumar has lived up the ‘Lokanatham’ character with all the potboiler ingredients. A rural political MLA Loknath makes up his rocky political career with the help of his stepson Mitra (Sharwanand) and dreams to offer a dirt free career to his own son Chinna (Sundeep Kishan).

The film culminates with a crescendo episode of intense dialogues by Sai Kumar. “Okkasari Puranalu Daatochi Chudu…Avasarala Kosam Dharulu Thokke Patralu Thappa Herolu Villainlu Leru e Natakam lo...” is a citation from Sai Kumar’s intense and fierce – off course extra-ordinary– peroration.

This tour de force is an admirable effort by filmmaker Deva Katta and it has earned a noble Nandi award and Filmfare award for Sai Kumar.

Rana Daggubati (Leader – 2010) –
Unlike many political movies, Rana’s Leader is one fillum that is apparently flavored with Shekar Kammula’s class and is made more realistically.

Arjun Prasad, son of an assassinated CM flies down to India and goes all out for the CM chair, apart from his other clan members. Rest of the story forms how Arjun singlehandedly (as CM) brings back the corrupt funds of all legislative members, starting with his late father. Finally, Arjun contests elections by starting his own party and goes on to become the clean Chief Minister of the state. Though the love track in the film is part of the story, it has literally blemished the final draft.

Indeed, the credits of the movie gave a good momentum for debutant Rana Daggubati. 
Though our actors fail to impress as real-life politicians, we always love to see them as reel politicians onscreen [Because they are our demi-gods and we are their aficionados].