'Mega' ruckus at Varun Tej Movie Launch

By - February 27, 2014 - 02:04 PM IST

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What in the world happened today at Varun Tej Debut function? Right from the get-go, all the series of events that took place this morning would raise ambiguity and curiosity among all the audience. So this is what happened…

1. Pawan Kalyan entered the event with dead silence and was sitting in one corner.

2. Chiranjeevi, Allu Aravind & Allu Arjun entered the event and performed the puja ceremony. Thereafter, Aravind invited Pawan to bless Varun Tej and Chiranjeevi handed over ‘Akshitalu’ and Pawan blessed Varun Tej and started walking out immediately.

3. When Pawan Kalyan started heading back surrounded by his fans Nagendra Babu entered into the crowd.

4. Apparently one of the fan chanting Power Star seems to have obstruct Nagendra Babu and he immediately thrashed the fan and looked very agitated. This really intensified the situation.

5. However, Pawan left the occasion and Chiranjeevi started his speech and Pawan fans started chanting POWER STAR for which Chiranjeevi asked Where is Kalyan?”  Nagendra Babu who still looked very furious and upset responded saying Kalyan had already left.

Keep the fans aside, what is actually going on with the Mega family? Are they really together? In past we heard that there were some differences between the Mega brothers. Is this a real evidence for the above mentioned? Time is the best healer for things and eventually this mystery will unfold for sure.

Finally, all of this came unexpected and Nagendra Babu is taking the blame for this duff situation at the launch of his son’s debut.