Chandamama Kathalu Audio - A whiff of fresh air

By - March 01, 2014 - 07:30 PM IST

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Chandamama Kadhalu is an upcoming Tollywood film starring Manchu Lakshmi in the lead. The film is directed by Praveen Sattaru and the music is composed by the feel good composer- Mickey J Meyer. Here is an iQlik exclusive music review on the interesting album which already generated musical ripples all over with the initially released tracks:
The title song (Chandamama Kadhalu): has fresh vocals and mellowed down orchestration. The mellifluous grand piano and strings give the song a great aura. The feel good nature of the album is quite evident from this track possessing an optimistic feel. The solo humming in the second interlude in the midst of string section is another asset for this track. 
Devuda: is a funny take on a thirty plus bachelor’s desperation to get married and how the current day of living has become. The orchestration is lively and enjoyable throughout. The singer does a great job in giving the peppiness as well as the thought provoking perspective on the concept.
Ee Kadha: The album takes a progressive turn with Ee Kadha, sung phenomenally by the talented Sanam Puri. The great ambience it generates with the orchestration and emotional singing is something worth experiencing through hearing.  The classic rock touches with great percussions and electric guitar does the rightful job for this track.
Payanam: The album ends with Payanam, an amazing track laden with great layers of orchestration. It is a wonderfully breezy and fresh track with some feel good lyrics by Krishna Chinni. The track is well supported by the string section, lilting piano and great vocals by Vijay Prakash. The orchestration is decently done with an inherent breeziness throughout the track's progress.
Chandamama Kadhalu is one whiff of fresh air in the midst of heavy sounding commercial albums in Telugu Cinema. The freshness, fine orchestration and brilliant lyrics keep the album on a high! However, the album might sound too classy for the normal film audience. Nevertheless, the album is well crafted in every respect making it a welcome change in the trend of music composing for Telugu Films.

Rating: 3/5

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