Sunil going the 'Babus' way - What's wrong?

By - March 03, 2014 - 07:34 AM IST

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Comedian turned Hero Sunil…Ooops sorry…Hero Sunil is at low ebb now. After he has turned a full time hero, he had a few initial hits [Andala Ramudu & Maryadaramanna]. Later Mr. Pellikoduku and recently Bheemavaram Bullodu (BB) did not make it to his ‘hit list’ for obvious reasons. And now his career is in air post the dud of BB. Originally, it is said that Sunil had to do BB as a compensation for the debt he obtained from Suresh Babu.

Apart from that Sunil is believed to be throwing tantrums as a big hero these days. He recently refused to speak about his co-star comedians in a recent interview. Back then, he was one of the lead comedians charging close to Rs. 3-4 laks per day. Now, he might be earning in crores but assuming himself to be a big hero, Sunil is facing all the criticism under the sun with flops kissing back-to-back.

It is also learnt that Sunil has been actively participating [or in other words interfering] in the creative aspects of a film as well. If not as hero, he would have grown into a star comedian on par with Brahmanandam by now and his decision to settle down as a mainstream hero is certainly an act of over confidence, according to the film analysts. After BB, Sunil chose to work with a debutante director and will he board the success track and zip the naysayers’ talk? Well time will decide!