Lakshmi Manchu's bold comments turn talk of the town

By - March 04, 2014 - 08:03 PM IST

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Where ever she goes…her aura follows…the media follows…a curiosity follows!

And she is none other than Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna a.k.a Lakshmi Manchu

Known for her vivaciousness, individualistic persona and devil-may-care attitude, Lakshmi Manchu is truly a pride for not just the Manchu family but for the entire women world. Good or Bad, Right or wrong, she leads her life by her own terms. She is still fighting the war alone this stereotypic world.

And popular television chat show Arambham has tapped the spunky side of this versatile personality and here are few excerpts from the show:

-> Lakshmi Manchu shares her unrealized dreams she always wished to make true.
-> She passed on a strong message for her haters on social media.
-> Lakshmi opined that her father Mr. Mohan Babu deserves all the respect in the world.
-> She shares her memorable experience about working with a Hollywood Superstar [And who’s that? Well you’ll have to watch the episode.]
-> Lakshmi makes some strong remarks on the significance on sex education and women protection.
-> Modi is the only hope for our country, according to her.
-> We cannot make Sankarabharanam now with the current Censor board.

But why? You’ll have to check out the recent episode that is already going viral.

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