RGV sensational tweets about Pawan Kalyan

By - March 12, 2014 - 03:51 PM IST

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Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is back in the news for his extracurricular views and comments. Apart from his ongoing Rowdy buzz, he has expressed his views over Pawan Kalyan and his upcoming party Jana Sena.

Tweeting about Pawan’s party a short while ago, he unfurled his expectations over the party.

RGV’s lines on Twitter:

Janasenani kevalam inko party anukunte adi buddhitakkuva moorkhatvam. .janasena janam kosam Pawan sena srishtisthunna oka prabhanjanam

Naa uddhesham lo thelivi,neethi,abhimanam,pourusham vunnavadevadaina sare kevalam pawan Kalyan Janasena ke votu vesthadu

Pawan kanna goppa naayakudu dorakadu kanuka janasena partyni athyadika majorityto gelipinche thelivi teluguvaallaki vundhani aashistunnanu

Janasena perulone Prajarajyam lo jarigina avakathavaka panulu Janasena party lo asalu jaragabovani chalaa srishtamgaa thelisipothondhi

Janasena kanna goppa peru oka partyki vunde avakaashame ledu...shivsena kanna 1000 retlu better...perulone inthunte party lo inkenthuntundo

As you know wherever controversy goes…RGV follows or in other words, he is present wherever there is ‘sensational meat’. However, he raised out a similar tone of support when Chiranjeevi’s political entry and his comeback to cinema as well. Keeping aside the fuss aside, Pawan fans are having a ball retweeting his posts.