Allari Naresh goes close to Kamal Haasan

By - March 18, 2014 - 07:59 AM IST

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Well…we aren’t making an attempt to compare this young tyro to the legendary actor of Indian Cinema!

But, something Allari Naresh has done for his upcoming flick Laddu Babu is pretty much close to what Kamal Haasan did for his film Dasavataram! Well keeping the characters and calibers aside, make up is what that has taken Allari Naresh close to Kamal.

We know how much Kamal toiled with the make-up to play 10 different characters with 10 different body languages, especially 10 different make ups. But, here our Naresh is telling one beautiful story but a character that needs a meticulous investment of time, energy and make-up of 10 characters!

Here is an exclusive story of Allari Naresh and his 30kg make up:
Naresh has put up an unbelievable mass of make-up amounting to 30kgs for this Laddu Babu avatar! Can’t believe that? Well, here’s the split up – [Legs – 2kgs; Hands – 4kgs; Body – 13kgs; Face – 2kgs; Pant – 4kgs; Shirt – 5kgs]. It takes about five and half kgs to put up the entire make-up – just to put on!

One cannot even scratch on an itch once the make-up is put on [Poor Naresh]! Allari Naresh largely fed on just tea, water and coffee as long as the make-up was on. The make-up was so tight that he couldn’t even breathe freely. A 30 Ton AC was used to provide him free air through his head portion.

And Naresh had to bear this extra weight for about 5 long hours every day with minimal dialogues to deliver because heavy moments would ruin the make-up.

A specialist make-up team from London headed by Mr. Mike designed this ‘Laddu Babu’ attire and handed over to a professional team in Mumbai led by Preethi who in turn improvised and handed the responsibility to a team headed by Karan & D.N Dada based in Hyderabad. A collective meticulous effort by everyone created this wonder.

In spite of this herculean strain, it is the dexterous efforts by Naresh, director Ravi Babu and their team who could offer this hilarious laugh riot. Remember – No pains…No gains! Good Luck Laddu Babu.

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