Laddu Babu Audio Review

By - March 19, 2014 - 07:58 PM IST

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Laddu Babu is an upcoming comedy entertainer starring Allari Naresh in a different shade, Bhumika Chawla and Ravi Babu in key roles. The film is directed by the versatile filmmaker Ravi Babu who already gave a series of unique films to Telugu Cinema. Music for the film is given by Chakri and here is an iQlik exclusive music review of the album:

The album begins with the title track Laddu Babu sung by Revanth in an energetic fashion. The orchestration is trance like and fun filled with good blend of instruments. The lyrics by Bhaskarabhatla describe the lead character ‘Laddu Babu’ in a funky manner. However, there are not many changeover moments as the song progresses making it a monotonous hearing.

A feel good duet Muddugumma arrives next sung by Pavan and Aishwarya. The track has a pleasant feel associated with it sans heavy sounding music which is so prevalent in today’s day albums. Apart from the relaxing environment the track creates, the enthralling factor is missing in it.

The pleasant ambience continues with Koncham Koncham sung by the composer Chakri himself.  The track makes sure the theme of the album is retained and the fun loving nature is strikingly present.  However, the electronic voices for the lead singer could have been avoided.

The unconventional album comes to an end with Sirimalli Sirimalli sung by Sri Krishna and Umanepa. The track has a Carnatic melodious touch with mellowed rhythm section. The progression is decently made with mellifluous touch. However, the singing style is too artificial for normal listeners to embrace.
Laddu Babu is a decent album from Chakri. The album doesn’t make a huge impact on the listener because of its below par production quality and lack of changeover points in each of the tracks.  Chakri needs to reinvent his composing style in order to make an impact on the listeners.
Rating: 2.5/5