Why is Maruthi's Raadha movie called off?

By - March 19, 2014 - 12:43 PM IST

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There should be a muhoortam problem for the film Raadha. It has been facing hiccups right from the moment it was announced due to which ironically a potential title like ‘Raadha’ is being played around satirically.

Sensational director Maruthi, who is the emerging brand ambassador of small films, has bagged a big chance to direct Victory Venkatesh with the title ‘Raadha’ that opened directly with the movie stills. Within no time, a controversy has erupted with allegations over Maruthi that this story is a copied one. A group of assistant directors and a writer named Surendra Krishna have sought justice from industry big caps in this case. Even Maruthi has conducted a press meet later denying the allegations.

But, the issue ran for a while supposedly causing the shooting to halt. Now, news is that the project has been apparently called off (at least for the time being). Eventually, Venkatesh got busy with Drishyam remake and Oh My God remake while Maruthi is busy wrapping up Kotha Janta.

Does this mean that the project is truly a copy and that is why, it has been called off? [Well, we need to be smart enough to fill in the blanks here!]