Actor Srikanth about Pawan Kalyan and Chiru

By - March 21, 2014 - 10:49 AM IST

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In TFI, Srikanth is everyone's man. But his association with Chiru and Mega family is special and more personal. Srikanth admitted this fact many-a-times. Now he has been pushed into fix when he was quizzed about his support to Chiru or Pawan in a recent interview.

But Srikanth is a smart man. He said "I have friends in all the parties. Moreover, my family members itself have different vote choices. So everyone is dear to me and I wish for everyone's success." He added "I was equally excited about Pawan speech as every common man. And it was indeed a great speech. Looking forward to his actions."

Srikanth has apparently skipped the ball. Clever man!