Mahesh jumps in before Ram Charan does

By - March 25, 2014 - 06:40 AM IST

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Apart from their families and fan bases, Mahesh Babu and Ram Charan share a unique equation and coincidences. Their recent flicks 1-Nenokkadine and Yevadu have got into the Sankranthi big fight this year and have carved a niche following for themselves with the former being critically acclaimed while the latter commercially. Now again, they share a different equation with respect to a director.

We know Baadshah is a commercial success. Right after it, Srinu Vaitla hatched a film with Cherry babu. He has apparently narrated a line as well but unfortunately that did not materialize. So, both moved on with their respective projects. And that is in when, Mahesh jumped in and Aagadu was put onto wheels. Srinu Vaitla got busy with Mahesh while Cherry with Krishna Vamsi’s multi-starrer. Strangely, though Mahesh has hell lot of directors swarming around him for an opportunity, he opted for the slot planned for Ram Charan. And now, plans are again being made from Srinu Vaitla’s end to materialize this unchecked project with Cherry.

Though this can be ruled down to be a strange co-incidence, it is indeed a treat for the fans who dream of such crazy combinations!