They are 'Real' life heroines too...

By - March 25, 2014 - 05:29 PM IST

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Who is a ‘Heroine’?

She is the lady who romances the hero with some fanciest piece of garments [Sometimes with and sometimes without as well] – according to the contemporary definitions of the Tollywood dictionaries. There is even a misconception that heroines are often money-minded and they are always busy making hay while the sun shines. But here is a distinguished kind of heroines who are giving back something to the society that has viewed them as just glamdolls.

Samantha: This diva who has been the front runner in grabbing plummy offers, is also a 'pro' in social service. She has established a foundation by name ‘Pratyusha Foundation’ few years back and is still working for the welfare of cancer patients and orphan women. Moved by a lady victim losing her limb in the Dilshuknagar bomb blasts, she donated an artificial limb and helped in getting her operated. There are several other examples that illustrate her work. The foundation which is predominantly funded out of Samantha's remunerations, recently raised funds for the organization by auctioning the costumes of Pawan Kalyan (from Gabbar Singh) and Mahesh Babu (from Dookudu). The foundation is active and wish it moves ahead with lot more philanthropic activities.

Kajal Agarwal: She is not only a beauty with brain but indeed a beauty with a beautiful heart. In spite of working with a foreign NGO and raising funds for girl child education, she has been promoting several NGO programs and other Corporate Social Responsible campaigns like the ‘Giving Back NGO India’ awareness campaign. Notable work but still behind the screen – that’s the beauty of her service.

Shriya Saran: Yes…she is missing on the Tollywood screen but she is being busy with her philanthropic activities. She has a special empathy towards visually challenged and she has apparently drawn inspiration from a visually challenged couple who were active social workers. It is said that her spa in Mumbai recruits skilled visually challenged candidates as well. She even makes a contribution from her earnings at various events she takes part in and often organizes special charity shows – laudable!

Hansika: You cannot guess what noble work this chubby cheeks does! This 23yr old Cinderella adopts an orphan every year and she has apparently adopted about 24 such orphans till date. She makes it a point that she takes off an entire day from her hectic schedule just to spend some quality time with her kids – How Sweet! Kudos girl!

Trisha: In today’s dog-eat-dog world, how many give a damn about these lovable creatures? But, Trisha Krishnan does. She has been an active volunteer of PETA India (NGO) that works on pets and their welfare. Trisha campaigned extensively on saving stray dogs and pet caretaking.

Well, there are yet many names that remained oblivious but are actively philanthropic - all just for the sake of their self-satisfaction and happiness. Beauty isn’t just external but something very internal is what they intend to pronounce. Be Happy and make others Happy seems to be the mantra of these young ladies. Atta Girls!