Janasena Party Plans Unleashed

By - April 01, 2014 - 12:04 PM IST

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan had given a detailed interview about his new political party Jana Sena and its future plans to one of the top publications. Here are few excerpts from the interview…

* I don’t want to split the votes and cause some damage to the public well-being

* We will be getting ready for the 2019 elections

* Seemandhra people have selected industrialists as their MPs and have paid a huge price for that

* Chandrababu Naidu has controlled the law-and-order very well. He should have concentrated more on the farmers and their pathetic lives

* YSR has regularized the worst concept of “anyone and everyone can loot the public money”

* Jagan is only concerned about the CM post and nothing else. He wants everything in this world and that too within no time.

* How can numerous allegations on Jagan be ignored?

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