Kotha Janta Ugadi Special Teaser is a Copy?

By - April 02, 2014 - 06:32 AM IST

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Kotha Janta is the new buzzword in the industry. With an endearing pair Allu Sirish and Regina, the film looks like a promising love story of this season. Our Valentine’s Day this year has been so sober and that is undoubtedly because of Kotha Janta. This romantic entertainer that is slated for a release in February got postponed for reasons of quality. But the first look and posters have raised the expectations over the film for sure.

The recent Ugadi Special Teaser has got a rave response as it was innovative yet cute. This is technically referred to as’ Stop-Motion or Stop-frame Animation’ and this animation technique is usually done using objects, humans, figures or models etc. just to create a comic effect. Well apparently director Maruthi is being credited for using such a technique here in Tollywood [Well let’s not forget he’s an animation guru once!]

But there is also an allegation that this teaser simulates the 2009 released Grammy Award winning video song named ‘Her Morning Elegance’ by Israeli singer and song writer Oren Lavie. The teaser resembles the song in a particular sequence except for the characters involved in the action alter [Watch the original video especially between timeframes 1:55 mins to 2:00 mins here http://goo.gl/d00wF8 ]. While some call this a copy, some call inspiration while the rest are busy enjoying the teaser without bothering about the originality of the content.

But some conventional movie lovers are wondering if there is any originality and original creativity left in our industry! Why not…Ours is a hub for creativity of all forms!

Watch Kotha Janta Ugadi Special teaser here


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