Get Ready To Be Scared By Ram Gopal Varma

By - April 05, 2014 - 01:15 PM IST

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Ram Gopal Varma is back with his trademark horrors and thrillers. If anyone thinks he is coming out of the cocoon hearing about Rowdy and stuff, No...he is not!

But interestingly, this time it is eminent actor Rajasekhar who is making headlines being a part of this horror. Perhaps, this is the first time Rajasekhar is doing a full-to horror film, of course stepping out of the box after a long time. The movie is at the verge of its completion is gearing up for a release next month. The first look of the movie released has already opened to a stupendous response all over and is strongly going viral on the web. The teaser of the film is also getting ready and shall be out anytime this 6th April.

We have seen RGV trying to scare us in the night with 'Ratri' (in 1992), in the afternoon with 'Madyanam Hatya' (in 2004) and now, get ready to be scared in the very morning... we mean 'Patta Pagalu' this 2014!