RGV B'day: Three Faces Of RGV Which Are Lesser Known

By - April 07, 2014 - 10:36 AM IST

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RGV - A cult name and identity! An uninvited and inevitable obsession!

An unacceptable truth and an indigestible rebel!

It takes volumes to describe this bitter intellect but it takes a while to understand his logic and reason out this modernist.
Critics and big minds call him a ‘Modern day RAAVAN’ with too many facades. Till now, analysts revealed three faces of RGV:

-    RGV known by his films
-    RGV known as portrayed by Media
-    RGV known to his dearest.

His films tell us that he is Creative!

Media tell us that he is less Crack and more controversial.

But how do the dearest ones to RGV think of him? Does he actually have one?

Some still believe him to be a bachelor but for your kind information, he was once married and divorced and is gifted with a daughter who is recently married!

About this atheist loner who lives in a duplex dwelling with no deity photo but that of a Bruce lee…

His former wife Ratna says “He is an intellectual kid and an ignorant grown up” [Wah! Ramu style answer!]

His daughter Revathi says “We never shared a father-daughter relationship except for being good friends. My mom is everything to me but I take pride of the association with him!”

His uncle Murali Raju says “Ramu according to me appears like a snail. To shield his sensitive inner, he developed an outer shell just as the snail does.”

So, there are lesser known faces of this ‘Modern day RAAVAN’.
For some he is an icon…for some he is an idiot…for some he is “the ideal”.
No matter what, he has got a few pages etched in the history of Indian cinema both as a director and as an individual too.

On his 52nd birthday, iQlikmovies doesn’t wish him ‘Happy birthday’ because he is only growing old!