Pawan Kalyan Says A Big NO To Them?

By - April 12, 2014 - 03:50 PM IST

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Pawan Kalyan, the new buzzword of the state politics has been missing in the action after his second speech at Vizag. After announcing that his Jana Sena Party would not be contesting the forthcoming elections, the state political focus lights have been missing him.

But since, he already announced his support to BJP, the state BJP cadre now supposedly wants him to campaign for them, according to sources close to the actor. However, Pawan Kalyan has apparently denied their request to campaign, stating that he would only share the stage if Modi is coming. Pawan has openly extended his support to Modi and he wishes to stay by his word. He is not ready to campaign for TDP either, says a source close to Pawan.

Amidst increased speculations that there is an internal ally between Jana Sena, TDP and BJP, this move by the actor has come quite as shock to the respective political parties. Clever Move Pawan!