Yes...we were roomates but I don't believe in asking: R.P

By - April 16, 2014 - 05:37 PM IST

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Can someone at least imagine in their wildest dreams that one can become a music director with a post-graduation in Astrophysics? Then let us mention the name Ravindra Prasad Patnaik, popularly known as R.P.Patnaik. An ardent fan of Maestro Ilayaraja, he is a unique feather in the cap of Telugu Cinema Music. After a considerable gap as a composer, he is again back in action with his upcoming film Prabhanjanam. And here is RP Patnaik sharing a lot about his movies and other lesser known facts the world knows exclusively with iQlik Movies. Excerpts:

Back to composing with Prabhanjanam after nearly two years gap, what is so special about Prabhanjanam?
Well yes, director V. Bhaskar Rao is a good friend from a while. Moreover, the film is based upon a noble concept, a much needed one in the contemporary world. So, I had to nod immediately.

But is the gap deliberate and intentional?
Yes of course! When I’ve decided to move on from composing and concentrate upon filmmaking, I had to take a break and seriously work towards meeting my creative urge.

Well, being a post graduate in Astro Physics, how come you ended up in a creative farmland?
[Smiles] Though I was doing my post-graduation in Vizag, I had enough orientation towards music and when I got the right opportunity, I had to take the leap.

So, the leap began with Srinu Vaitla’s Neekosam or much before?
[Smiles] As everyone believes, Neekosam (1998) wasn’t my first film. Prior to that film, I worked with Chandra Siddharth [Aa Naluguru fame director] for a film titled Aunantoo Kaadantoo that unfortunately did not see the light but later turned out to be Swayamvaram [Venu and Laya starrer]. Later Neekosam happened and as you know, nothing succeeds like success.

Then tell us about your first ever music album…
[Laughs] That’s one of the most precious ones of my life. You know...your first piece of creation. And on this note, I must thank two important persons of my life- Anji Babu and Srinivas. These were the two who believed in me when I was absolutely nothing and if my first ever music album ‘Aanandam’ happened, it’s because of them. ‘Aanandam’ was a break even for Trivikram Srinivas [He was the lyric writer for the album].

You and Trivkiram were roommates and close associates. But not a single film came in your combination. Any special reason?
Well, I never planned anything and nothing came from his end as well. I don’t believe in ‘asking’ for opportunities. We are busy with our own respective careers and let’s see if anything happens in future.

Tell us about your critically and internationally acclaimed album ‘Chakra – The Signature Of Time’
It is the most memorable experiment of my life. I would need hours and days to speak about Chakra. We’ll have an interview exclusively on it. But, as of now, I can proudly say it is a first of its kind experiment ever done in world music. And that experiment started off with the word ‘Chakra’. I must credit my entire technicians here locally and in the U.S who made my dream come true and in a classic fashion.

And how is your filmmaking career going? Any regrets?
Absolutely not! I boast my creative satisfaction when I talk about Seenu Vasanthi Lakshmi, Broker, Friends Book and other films that gave me an absolute image changeover.  

Your upcoming projects?
Right now Prabhanjanam. Apart from this, I have Amy, a supernatural film that released in US last year and got mixed reviews. The film shall slowly release here in India as well. And adding to the list, it is Tulasi Dalam which is at the verge of completion.

Good luck with all your endeavors and wish you success ahead with Prabhanjanam
Thank You Very much (Smiles)