10 Beautiful S.Janaki Songs You Can Cherish Ever

By - April 23, 2014 - 03:51 PM IST

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S.janaki is one of the most gifted singers in Telugu cinema. With her unique voice and expressiveness, she has emerged as one of the greatest playback singers ever graced Telugu cinema music. Be love, passion, aggression, sadness, classical, fast beat or anything under the sun, S.janaki can sing it all. Apart from her phenomenal singing, S.janaki is a wonderful human being at heart. Her warm smile and humbleness sets an example for upcoming artists. A multiple times National Award winner,  S.janaki is a big boon to telugu cinema. The melodious singer is celebrating her 76th birthday today and iQlik Movies wishes her a great musical birthday!

Here are some of the fantastic songs from the melodious singer:

-> Naravara (Nartanasala)

-> Pagale Vennela (Pooja Phalam)

-> Sirimalle Poova (Padaharella Vayasu)

-> Vennello Godari (Sitara)

-> Govullu Tellana- (Saptapadi)

-> Chinnari Ponnari (Swathimutyam)

-> Akasamlo (Swarnakamalam)

-> Andalalo (Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari)

-> Tamtana (Kotha Jeevitalu)

-> Sooreedu Poova (Antahpuram)

Of course, these were a few in her priceless lot. But, what is your favorite one?

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