Samantha is Willing To Do It For Free

By - May 01, 2014 - 11:35 AM IST

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The remunerations that the heroines are charging now-a-days have touched the sky with everything dealt in crores. Be it Nayanatara, Anushka, or Tamanna – everyone’s charging in the excess of 2 crores per movie. Due to the requirement and shortage of alternatives, the producers are giving up easily into their demands.

But, here’s one actress who is willing to slash her remuneration if she gets impressed by the offered role. Yes! Samantha is said to have admitted that she will do a movie for free of cost if the subject and the character makes a strong impact on her. She has even added that – she will reduce the remuneration based on the film’s budget and business. Samantha expressed her willingness to lower the money part if a film comes under low-budget one or a small film category!

And, the news about Samantha charging a nominal amount for her upcoming release Manam comes as a shocker to everyone. Manam doesn’t fall under low-budget film and it hasn’t even offered Samantha the solo heroine chance. But the way Samantha has treated Manam and its makers is being appreciated by each and everyone now!

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