Maruthi Not Happy With Kotha Janta Film?

By - May 03, 2014 - 03:49 PM IST

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Sensational director Maruthi’s latest film Kotha Janta has released a couple of days back and is running successfully all over the state. Though the reviews and mouth talk were average for this new entertainer, the audience are accepting the film. With this, Kotha Janta has become a good hit and can be considered as the 1st ever hit for hero Allu Sirish. Everyone related to the film were said to be super happy about the result of their film...

But, the director of this prestigious project was seen fuming over the film and the whole film making process. If we go into the details – Maruthi is said to be disturbed by the over-interference of the producer Allu Aravind and his team. The script of Kotha Janta has been changed [especially the 2nd half of the film] multiple times and he has to remove/add characters in the film too. For example – as per the original script, Madhurima will be hero’s sister-in-law [maradhalu] imported from his village and the original also had Sampoornesh Babu’s character in it. Reasons better known to the makers, Sampoo’s character was completely chopped, Madhurima’s character was altered and the script was changed according to that!

Though the film has registered a good success, Maruthi is expressing his dissent over the way they have treated him and exploited him. Let’s see if he opens up or continue with his next project...